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Add: No168 Huanxi South Road, Luoxing Street, 
Jiashan County, Zhejiang Provice 
Tel: +86-573-84071228 84066898 84071911
Mob: 13506832165 13867323920



Our company specializes in producing mechanical seal used for pump and kettle as well as slnterlng silicon carbide. It is one of the appointed factories of Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Chemical Industry, it locates at Jiashan County of Jiaxin City belonging to Shanghai Economic Zone and the Yangtze Delta.
Since established in 1994, the company has grown vigorously in the tide of market economy, the output value was increased progressively year by year, now it coversan area of 7350 square meters, and owns fixed assets of more than 15,000,000 yuan, 35% of the staffs are scientific and technical personnel with high and medium title.
The company has becomes the member unit of Shanghai Silicate Industry Associatmn of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has advanced production equipment, detection means and manufacturing experience. The products comply with the standard XK+06-007-00263. technical Provision of Reactmn Sintermg Silicon Carbide."
The company insists on precise manufacture, let the custom trust with first-class products, let the customer satis fied by continuously improving and good service. We actively expand domestic and international markets, provide the mechanical seal and silicon carbide with reliable quality and rational price for the different industries customers such as sailing, print and dye, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, food and electric power generation.

General Manager Yang Shangen with the company taffs wish to trade and negotiate with old and new customers both at home and abroad in the new century, to strengthen cooperation, and to create brilliance tomorrow!